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Hey, what's up Moviepiloteers. It's been a while (a couple weeks) since I posted on here. I know ya'll missed me. I was on a lil mini vacay but now I'm back, and I'm back hitting it hard. While I was M.I.A. sipping on a cold one, I still scoped out the favorite movie sites - including this one - for all the latest news about our favorite films. There has been a lot of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) stuff going around. There has been a LOT of press stories for the widely received Guardians of The Galaxy. Not a lot of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron news though - except that Joss Whedon is pretty much done with the filming of the movie. I was going to write on it, but I was still just chillin' and spending time with my family.

Well, like I said, I'm back with a nice entrance. Now we have all been salivating over the thought, the premise, and the possibility of a leaked trailer that was shown at this year's Comic Con right? What you haven't been? I know I have. We all read about the details of the Avengers 2 Trailer, but what I just came across is mind-blowingly numb, and is a tease, but will at least bridge the gap of imagination to reality.

No spoilers, though! Check it out for yourself:

Whaaaat?! Are you serious?! Now, I do not know how legit this is, or even how close it is to the footage that was shown. But, one thing is for certain, It. Is. Spot. ON! If you read the details of the footage, and then watched this, there is no mistaking the fact that this is really close to what had to have been shown in the actual trailer. If this was a fan's version, then there is no denying the attention to details. Either way, this is freakin epic!

  Ultron Mark I
Ultron Mark I

The artwork used to portray Ultron's first appearance to crash the party bears a very similar resemblance to the image above.

  Iron Man vs Hulk
Iron Man vs Hulk

Remember this image? This is concept art of an ABC Special aired a few months ago. If you blinked during the show then you might have missed it. Kevin Feige has gone on record saying that Avengers: Age of Ultron will bring to the audience various stand out arcs, and events that took place in the comics, that he didn't have the liberty to bring to the big screen until now.

Like it or not, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will not disappoint. The bar is set really high, and I'm hearing rumors that we could see our first official trailer as early as October. It would have been nice if they would have used Guardians of The Galaxy's end credit scene to spoil us - being that it IS the last film of Phase 2 before the grand team-up. I'mma be honest, I wasn't a fan of the Howard The Duck scene as a post credit scene, but it is what it is. Knowing the surprising success of James Gunn's film though, it would definitely done Joss Whedon a huge favor.

What did you think of the video? Sound off below!

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1, 2015.


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