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Another much in demand character for the big screen treatment is Captain Marvel. There is a huge segment of Marvel fans who have been campaigning for Carol Danvers to be the first female superhero brought to Marvel's cinematic universe. Well according to Faraci, there is a tentative plan in place for Danvers to appear in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035):

"Look, the more people complain about the lack of more female led superheroes. They'd have to be dumb not to listen. And like I've said on the site before. I know... in The Avengers (Age of Ultron) script that I've seen. Captain Marvel is in the script, she has a cameo in the script. Ah, I assume that's because they are setting her up for a phase 3 or phase 4 movie. Why they are being so quiet about it? I don't know. That's the kind of thing that I normally don't report. But because the clamor for a female superhero is so strong I feel like...She's there. They are setting up the tee. This is being teed up. I'm not sure why they are hiding it from you, but it's being teed up. So you know, have a little bit of patience."

In an era where films like The Hunger Games dominate the box-office, a female superhero is indeed long overdue. Even more interesting is that they are intentionally withholding the information to a later time. However, Marvel has announced multiple release dates in the coming years, without the film's titles being specified. It begs to reason that we should expect to see her show up in a solo film in one of those slots in the years soon to come.

How excited are you for a Captain Marvel film? Any ideas on who they should cast?

(Go to about the 27 min mark.)

Source: Point of Geeks, Meet the Movie Press


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