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Before the seventh and final season of True Blood started, I presented fellow Trubies with a question. Which deceased character would you like to see return one final time? With only one episode left, I think it's safe to assume that we've seen all of the return characters that the show had up it's sleeve. (Or have we?) Well, color me surprised that it was Warlow that won in a landslide, followed by Godric and Jesus.

Back when the fae still lived openly on earth, Warlow was a faerie prince living in the same village as Niall Brigant (Sookie's faerie grandfather) when he came upon Lilith. The vampire race was still very young and Lilith was overcome by Warlow's scent. She raped Warlow and then turned him, claiming he had been sent to her by God for a higher purpose. To save the vampires.

Warlow being turned does not go as planned. Instead of saving vampires, his new dark passenger, if you will, causes him to lose control and he massacres his own village. Upon returning four years later from a self induced exile, Warlow locates Lilith and forces her to meet the sun. He then chooses to turn his back on all vampires.

Macklyn Warlow is not a character from the Charlaine Harris books which is why I found this choice surprising. Apparently, Warlow is to True Blood what Daryl Dixon is to The Walking Dead.

A major character in the fifth and sixth seasons, he is the oldest supernatural being to appear on the show. Yes, Lilith is older, but she only appeared as a hallucination or in a dream. Warlow was a flesh and blood faerie/vampire hybrid with an agenda; to turn Sookie and marry her. Thousands of years ago, Warlow located one of Nialll's sons and finagled a contract promising him the next fae bearing female Stackhouse; enter Sookie. They could have been the Jay Z and Beyonce of the supernatural world if Warlow didn't turn out to be such a jerkface.

Warlow was a man of contradictions. The fae side of him inspired him to be kind, but the vampire side of him caused him to act out cruelly. Believed to be the savior of the vampires, his blood would allow vampires to walk in the sun.

On the other side of this, we have the darkness in him that annihilated an entire clan of fairies, threw Niall into exile and murdered both of Sookie's parents. Though he killed Sookie's parents in an effort to save her life because he loved her and dreamt of her every night, he still managed to be a real dick when Sookie decided against being turned.

"The darkness in me; it battles with the light every second of my being. But even in the darkest hour, as I stood over the dust of my own mother and father, I couldn't bear to kill a child."

Though the oldest, thus most powerful, vampire Warlow still wasn't immune to a stake in the heart and this is how he finally met his True Death. It took a wee bit of time, but ultimately, his true form revealed itself and his demise caused all vampires to immediately lose their ability to walk in the sun.

Much like Blade, Warlow had all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of vampires. It really is too bad that he allowed his dark side to take over his fae light. Or did Eric draining him of most of his blood allow the dark to take over while he was short on fae blood? I suppose we'll never know, but we do know that he looked damn fine in the tub.

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