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Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding, has recently released an alternate character design for Rocket Raccoon on his Facebook page. Meinerding said:

Here's a Rocket design I did for Guardians of the Galaxy! Charlie Wen did the final design! He was a blast in the movie, such a fun character!

Here is the design he had in mind:

  Ryan Meinerding's design for Rocket.
Ryan Meinerding's design for Rocket.

The Rocket shown here is much bulkier-looking than the final design. His tail is bushier and he has grey fur as opposed to the brown fur he had in the film. He also has visible facial scars made out of metal.

In the movie, Rocket's metal scars are revealed on his back after he is tortured with his clothes off. The scars are either way the result of the character's tragic backstory of being repeatedly experimented in gruesome ways. One of the reasons the design could have been changed was to reveal the scars a while after he is introduced to give Rocket's backstory a bigger impact on the audience.

Nevertheless, he still looks pretty awesome in this picture, and this design could arguably have worked just as well as the final one for [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). What are your thoughts? Is this a better design, do you think the final one looks better, or do both designs look appropriately awesome for this character?.


Which design do you like better?


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