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For those who don't know, 'Adventure Time' is a cartoon on the "Cartoonnetwork. The show is INCREDIBLY weird, but in a good way. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are the shows two main ladies. Marceline is a punk rock loving teenaged vampire, and PB is princess of the Candy Kingdom.

At a recent book-signing of 'The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia', Marceline voice actor Olivia Olson revealed that Marcy and PB once dated. When it was revealed that they used to have a thing for each other, I imagine every fan artist and fan fiction writer jumped for joy! And every anti-gay activist spit vulgar words at cartoonnetwork.

This interesting piece of news comes from the creator of Adventure Time himself, Pendleton Ward! Olson said that she was talking with Ward about finding some possible character motivation for a scene involving her and Princess Bubblegum. Pendleton responded with "You know they dated, right?" And just then, the heavens opened and the angels sang a harmonic chorus as Pendleton Ward was rocketed up to heaven temporarily for a heavenly tea party!

But before anyone gets too excited here, this doesn't actually mean we'll be seeing any on-screen romance on the show anytime soon, or at all. When asked by Olivia if they would do it on the show, or at least in the book, Ward said: "I don’t know about the book, but in some countries where the show airs, it’s sort of illegal." So even though we may see some PB+M in an Adventure Time book, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any in the show.

Still, the fact that the creator of Adventure Time himself said this is exciting enough. You can check out the video below.

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