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It was one of the defining moments of this year's San Diego Comic-Con...that most of us didn't get to see. That's right, we're talking the major sneak-peek at The Avengers: Age of Ultron that those lucky enough to be in Hall H got to see, and that - unlike the brief Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser - hasn't yet made its way onto the internet.

Which, along with Kevin Feige hinting that it'll be a good long while before we see any footage from the film, let alone anything that substantial, is very bad news indeed.

Which gives us all the more reason to celebrate this:

That's right - someone went right ahead and made a full-on storyboard trailer for the footage. Because sometimes, having too much time on your hands can combine with glorious, geek-thrilling ambition - as was clearly the case here with YouTube user Jahaziel Brito.

Which is...awesome. And might well be the closest we're going to get to seeing the Comic-Con footage this side of May next year. When the movie comes out in theaters.

In the meantime, then, here's what we have seen so far, so we can all pretend that it's next summer already...

There's the Marvel Sneak Peek (with Hulkbuster armor):

And the 2014 Comic-Con Panel Itself (with RDJ being just as awesome as usual):

And, Because Sometimes You Just Need To Be FUNDAMENTALLY HAPPY INSIDE, this: summer is still way too far away...


[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is set for release May 1, 2015. Because waiting makes us better people, presumably.


What do you guys think? Will we ever see the full Age of Ultron Comic-Con footage?

via Jahaziel Brito


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