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And now, let's take a moment to imagine an alternate history in which Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence both got started on a television show called Not Another High School Show, circa 2007.

The (pretty terrible) project got as far as shooting a pilot, from which you can now watch a very, very...erm, special scene. See if your brain can process watching this Buffy parody - and remember, like I said, it's not great:

We have to hand it to Brie, she is committing to this Sarah Michelle Gellar character hard. Alison is awesome, but that was exactly 0% good. And for a while there, all those people thought that this would be dead and buried, never to haunt them again. Poor fools. If only they knew...

D'you think audiences and stars alike really dodged a (silver) bullet with Not Another High School Show not getting picked up?


That video was...

(Source: io9)


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