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As we've mentioned before, Daniel Radcliffe seems like a pretty awesome dude, but apparently he had room for even more awesomeness when he recently pulled a hilarious prank on some unaware movie goers.

After a screening of his new movie What If, viewers were asked to speak to a camera crew and give their thoughts and opinion on the film.

Cue Daniel Radcliffe.

What the movie goers didn't know is that the amazing and sneaky Harry Potter star was hiding in the wings to give them the surprise of their lives!

Dan snuck up behind each group who naturally flipped the heck out when the star revealed himself.

In typical Daniel Radcliffe fashion he was the ultimate nice-guy, apologising profusely for scaring them and thanking everyone for their kind words about his latest film. Awwww!

Feel free to come to my local movie theater any time, Daniel!


Source: Buzzfeed


What would you do if Dan snuck up on you?


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