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Note, potential SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII are to be found below - so take care. And only shoot first if it's Greedo.

Over the past few months, we've heard a whole lot of rumors regarding Star Wars Episode VII, its cast, its plot, its catering, and pretty much anything and everything you could ever imagine sandwiched in between.

And a lot of it - well, a lot of it's been a long, long way from convincing.

Recently, though, a few of the rumors that have been picking up steam have come with a solid helping of actual plausibility, with an occasional side order of images to back them up.

So, we thought we'd take a closer look at some of them, and see which ones might just make it to the final film:

First up:

The Flashbacks

The Rumor: The second act of Episode VII will feature an extended flashback to before Episode IV - featuring Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd as Leia, and a cameo from Darth Vader. So proclaim Latino-Review, at least.

The Details: The flashback reportedly reveals that the Inquisitors have been around the whole time - but doesn't come with a whole lot more supporting substance other than the old 'if Carrie Fisher's daughter is in the movie, she's definitely playing Leia' chestnut.

Also, wait a minute... DARTH VADER'S BACK?

The "You Can Type This S**t George, But You Sure As Hell Can't Say It" Rating: "So I don't get a daughter now?"


The Villain

The Rumor: As reported by Latino-Review, Star Wars will have an...inquisitive...villain (or two).

The Details: The villains of the piece will be Inquisitors - Sith agents trained to hunt Jedi, similar to the one set to feature in upcoming series Star Wars Rebels. The story was supported by Indie Revolver's revealing of this image -

- and their additional suggestion that said Inquisitor is the owner of that hand, recently tweeted by J.J. Abrams himself.

The "You Can Type This S**t George, But You Sure As Hell Can't Say It" Rating: "Wait, who's the villain now?"

  Always a worry when Ewoks are around...
Always a worry when Ewoks are around...

The Locations

The Rumor: According to Badass Digest, we'll see both a Hoth-like ice planet crossed with an Endor-like forest planet (moon, surely?) in the upcoming movie. On which there are snowtroopers. Building a superweapon.

The Details: Again, this one sort of hinges on there being actual pictures of shiny new snowtrooper-looking helmets. Like this one:

As well, of course, on a certain Han Solo-related image or two - more on which below...

The "You Can Type This S**t George, But You Sure As Hell Can't Say It" Rating: "They're behind me, aren't they."

  "Just like with the damned Ewoks..."
"Just like with the damned Ewoks..."

The Daisy Ridley

The Rumor: Daisy Ridley will appear in all three parts of the new trilogy.

The Details: This would, in turn, suggest she has a fairly substantial part. Which we all pretty much assumed anyway.

The "You Can Type This S**t George, But You Sure As Hell Can't Say It" Rating: "Don't get cocky, kid."

  " That worked out pretty well last time."
" That worked out pretty well last time."

The Han Solo

The Rumor: Not only will Han Solo have a major role - but according to Badass Digest, it'll involve having his own Super Star Destroyer. Which is fortunate, because Latino-Review are reporting that Oscar Isaac's character now owns the Millennium Falcon.

The Details: From the sounds of it, Han is now very much General Solo, with Chewbacca his right hand Wookiee. What we should make of the concept art recently revealed by Indie Revolver, though, is another matter entirely:

The former would certainly fit a distinguished - but still action-ready - general, whereas the latter looks more like somebody in the concept art team really like Firefly. They both likely support the above ice-forest planet rumor, though.

That being said, they don't really address the biggest problem: Who the hell took the Millennium Falcon away from Han freaking Solo?

The "You Can Type This S**t George, But You Sure As Hell Can't Say It" Rating: "I will shoot first, Oscar."

  Seriously, he's not thrilled.
Seriously, he's not thrilled.

So, what do you guys think?

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) is set for release December 18, 2015. So just a year and a half to wait now, then...


Most plausible rumor?

via Latino-Review, Badass Digest


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