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Every single day, Christine (Nicole Kidman) wakes up and doesn't know who she is and her husband, Ben (Colin Firth), is a total stranger to her. To get a grip on her mysterious amnesia Christine starts a diary in which she writes all of her daily activities. But waking up one morning, she reads the following three words: "Don’t trust Ben"...

Sound creepy? That's because it is. The new trailer for Before I Go To Sleep - an adaptation of SJ Watson's 2011 psychological thriller written and directed by British filmmaker Rowan Joffe - is basically a combination of 50 First Dates and Memento.

Yep, Before I Go To Sleep certainly looks to be a legitimately eerie thriller. And anyone who's seen Stoker, The Others, or Eyes Wide Shut knows that Kidman can carry a creepy movie: I just love looking at that intense, teary face of hers. Paint me intrigued.


Does Before I Go To Sleep have you intrigued?

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