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If there's one actor you'd never want to bet against, it's Denzel Washington. From Glory through to Flight, he's made a good living out of playing characters that you just can't help but believe in, no matter what the circumstances. Hell, even when he plays a straight up villain, you still have to work pretty hard not to want him to end up on top.

And, from the looks of it, his latest movie - The Equalizer - is set to very much continue this trend:

Which, despite the distinct A History of Violence meets Taken undertones, is a very good thing.

Not least because the level of awesome badass-ry that Washington has maintained over the years is getting increasingly close to National Treasure status.

Like Mount Rushmore, or Nicolas Cage's insane career decisions.

So, to celebrate, we thought we'd take a look at just how awesome Washington has been over the years:

Glory (1989)

And...heart officially broken.

Badass Rating: 4/5. Because I'm now crying.

Malcolm X (1992)


Badass Rating: 3/5. But only because Martin Luther King was cooler.

Philadelphia (1993)

And... heart now breaking again (but strangely stirred into action).

Badass Rating: 4/5. Because he just cares...So. Much.

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

Badass Rating: 4/5. Because hard-boiled is always badass.

The Hurricane (1999)

And...intolerance (and the fighting thereof...)

Badass Rating: 5/5. Because Rubin Carter.

Training Day (2001)


Badass Rating: 5/5. Because, c'mon - have you seen that movie? That's a 5/5 performance if ever there was one.

American Gangster (2007)

And...straight up owning the room.

Badass Rating: 4/5. Because it's not quite Training Day.

Unstoppable (2010)


Badass Rating: 2/5. Because trains. And I liked that movie. But still. Trains.

[The Equalizer](movie:4448) is set for release September 26, 2014.


What do you guys think? Most badass Denzel performance?

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