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There are good wedding cakes, there are great wedding cakes, and then there's this:

Yup, that's an actual AT-AT cake. As in, a cake constructed in the shape of an Imperial AT-AT Walker:

Created by Cake Central for a recent wedding, the Thing of Wonder (as it shall forthwith be known) stands at a little over two feet tall.

It's main flavor is joy, but it also contains a lemon and raspberry filling.

The thing is, the Thing of Wonder got us thinking - the cake is only a small part of creating the perfect geek wedding, so what else would you need to make your special day that extra bit frak-ing perfect?

Well, first up:

Three Words: Stormtrooper. Honor. Guard.

Because apparently Australians Nadia and Dale do not know when to let the awesome quit.

Especially because every member of the wedding party entered to a different part of John Williams' score.

The Greatest Way to Say I Love You:

Is, of course, responding 'I Know'. Especially in wedding band form.

At least, it is if your partner is a massive geek. Otherwise you get punched.

And Don't Forget: Get EVERYONE Involved.


Or, worst comes to worst, just get the 99th Garrison in.

And Get the Music Right:

Because let's be honest - just because Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes and the Max Rebo band are out of all of our price ranges, doesn't mean you can go down the aisle to just any old song...

And, If All Else Fails, Just Call In the Big Guns:

No, not by inviting Jeff Goldblum and a T-Rex (Though really, why not?).

Like this:

Oh, AT-AT's. Is there anything you can't do?

Well, other than reveal that you're definitely appearing in [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). Which would be nice.


What do you guys think? Favorite Star Wars wedding element?

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