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In December of this year, director Peter Jackson will complete his second movie trilogy adaptation of the Middle-earth stories of seminal fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien. Jackson's first trilogy was the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings, and his trilogy, and adaptatin of the The Lord of Rings' prequel The Hobbit, will conclude with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

At a recent press conference, Jackson discussed some of the changes he made to his Middle-earth exit as he watched the earlier installments unfold. He mused:

The Battle Of The Five Armies is the result of what the dwarves did at the end of the last film. You had a mountain full of gold and a dragon protecting it and stopping people from going in. By the dwarves releasing that dragon, they’ve set in motion a whole stream of things. The climax, the last three minutes of the last movie, really provides us with a helluva propellant into the beginning of this film. That’s fun, not needing any time for backstory, just getting right into it and keeping a thriller pace going all the way through.

Does "not needing any time for backstory, just getting right into it" mean that there won't be a prologue? It's kind of a tradition now to have a prologue at the beginning of a Middle-earth film, and I would be pretty sad if Jackson skipped that part.

Still, from the look of the trailer - hundreds of warriors of all races assembling for the throwdown, as well as Smaug finally dishing out some desolation - we're in for a treat, nevertheless. And, while there may be the odd gripe about Jackson's decision to film The Hobbit as a trilogy - when the book itself is hardly an epic - there's something satisfying in the knowledge that the director's final Middle-earth installment will pay painstaking attention to the detail of the J.R.R. Tolkien novel.


Who will you be supporting in The Battle of Five Armies?

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