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Can you imagine The Vampire Diaries without one member of its holy trinity? With reports circulating that either Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev or Paul Wesley will be leaving Mystic Falls for good after season 6, us fans are crossing our fingers that this isn't the final nail in the coffin for the hit CW show.

Season 6 is 100 percent go for October 2nd, but could [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) be drained of its vital life blood if one it's main players chooses to leave before season 7 begins?

Executive producer Julie Plec opened up to E! Online about the future of the show at SDCC a few weeks ago and revealed that, in her opinion, TVD;

Will go as long as the actors want the show to go

Clearly, one of the key actors are not as keen as they once were after shooting 5 seasons of the show, but this shouldn't be enough to cause mass panic amongst the fandom.

Although we don't want to think about it, The Vampire Diaries would almost certainly continue on without one of it's main players.

TVD still drags in an average over 2 million viewers per episode and is by far the most successful show that the CW has ever put out.

E! Online went on to explain that although series 7 would have much more clout with all of its main players, that producers are considering the possibility of shifting the focus of the show onto other fan favorites.

This might be controversial, but this could be a great thing for the future of TVD, even hardcore fans are getting sick of the never ending love triangle and there are so many characters that haven't been truly explored yet.

Caroline is always a love interest, Bonnie is always a side-kick and Matt's character has been just plain stale for longer than I can remember - If these stereotypes could be shaken up, we would all have a lot more to sink out teeth into.


Would you watch The Vampire Diaries without one of the holy trio?

(Source: Wet Paint via E! Online)


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