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Lindsay Lohan is well known for spilling pretty much everything, and this time the apricot ashtray is adamant that she's in talks with EL James to become the next Anastasia Steel.

The actress spoke out to The Sun and explained that;

EL James is a very good friend of mine and I'd be honoured to work with her.I did mention writing it to her but at the moment she's not working with me.I've actually talked to her more about me doing the movie for her next book

If Dakota Johnson's casting was almost enough to cause a riot within the [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) fandom, then Lilo better go into hiding if this naughty little rumor turns out to be true.

Sure, we know Lilo can flop around a pole like a wet kipper thanks to her role in the knuckle bitingly bad I Know Who Killed Me and she proved she isn't afraid to let it all hang out in [The Canyons](movie:677203), but Anastasia Steele she is not!

Ana is shy, clumsy, self-conscious, stubborn, inexperienced, smart, kind-hearted and quiet - If any of that reminds you of Lilo, I would suggest an urgent brain scan...


Do you think Lilo will really be in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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