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ALS is a disease that has tragically claimed the life of many. And yet, shamefully, the ALS Association wasn't even on my radar screen as part of my charitable giving. Why? Well, probably because fewer than 200,000 people get diagnosed per year. But for those that do, it's a death sentence.

Which brings us to the Ice Bucket Challenge, now sweeping the social media world. The idea is simple: dump a bucket of cold ice water on your head, post a video of yourself doing it, and tag your bezzies to do the same or donate to the ALS charity of their choice.

So, philanthropic thesp Robert Downey Jr. took a break from being awesome to be even more awesome and take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Check this out:

Couldn't love RDJ more if I tried...

Ethel Kennedy also did it, and tagged Barack Obama. Martha Stewart did it, and tagged Gwyneth Paltrow. Half of the pro sports teams have participated, and most of the major media figures.

But let's take a closer look at some of the best celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge vids out there so far...

Chris Pratt

That's some impressive chugging...


Taylor Swift

This is the woman who makes sure she looks flawless even after the gym, and yet, she will let herself become bedraggled for charity. Go, Taylor!


Steven Spielberg

Too easy, with the baseball cap. Dontcha think?


Nina Dobrev

Unnecessary (albeit enjoyable) top peel-off there, Nina...


LeBron James

Taking it like a real man. *Ahem*


Emmy Rossum

I don't really have to say more than Emmy Rossum took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini top and it was captured on video, do I? Nope.


Justin Bieber

The kid walks around prestigious formal events shirtless, but he puts one on for the Ice Bucket Challenge?


And the most recent entry as of today...

Tom Hiddleston

Sorry, Biebs, but Loki completely owns you in the wet t-shirt contest. Like...completely.


So, will you be participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and which celeb will you be modeling your screams on?


Whose is the best Ice Bucket Challenge you've seen so far?

(Source: YouTube)


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