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Nicholas Staniforth

Total Film have managed to get their hands (reluctantly, you can bet) on the hair-raising, bone-chilling preview for upcoming Aussie horror, The Babadook, which made an appearance of Sundance and scared all those that saw it. Take a peek below won’t you?

Coming from first-time director Jennifer Kent, the film follows single-mother Amelie who is trying to recover from the loss of her husband whilst also caring for her son who has gained a vivid imagination. Turns out that her darling little boy is terrified of a mysterious monster known as The Babadook that is out to get him and what’s worse is that these tales of terror could be based on something more frightening and real than she could have possibly imagined.

It might sound like familiar territory but given what’s on show so far, there’s every chance that Kent could be bringing something special to the genre. Be sure to keep an eye on whatever shadow The Babadook appears from when he arrives in cinemas later this year.


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