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"Scotchlover" (great name) a digital artist from Russia on has blown my mind away with his awesome fan art of iconic movie and video game characters. There's not a whole lot of information about the artist besides where he's from, but hopefully someone informs him about this article because he deserves to have his work noticed by the public!

Tread into the drunken mind of Scotchlover..

Wonder Woman vs Minotaurs:

  Wonder Woman takes on minotaurs!
Wonder Woman takes on minotaurs!

Lo-Fi City of Metropolis:

Batman Beyond's Batcave:

Green Arrow - The Hunted:

Joker finally killed the Batman:

Gotham City Beyond:

Jor-El trying to flee Krypton:

Deadpool exterminates the My Little Pony universe:

The Guardian of Gotham:

Let them fight - Batman vs Superman:

A Cat in the Shadows:

Billionaire Face-Off (Iron Man vs Batman):


The Hunt:

Boba Fett - Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me:

If you liked the artwork posted above, then check out Scothlover's deviantART page.

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