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One time I went to Vegas with my family. Our trip mainly consisted of walking around the strip, shopping, buffets, arguing, and catching a couple of good shows. A reasonably grand time was had by all. But when Will Smith’s family goes to Vegas, they go HARD!

This past weekend, Will Smith’s oldest son Trey (DJ Ace) was spinning at The Palms in Las Vegas. You might remember Trey from the music video "Just the Two of Us." Of course, being the supportive father he is, Will came to check out his son’s set with longtime friend and artistic partner DJ Jazzy Jeff.

You remember these guys right?

Well now they look like this!

Jazzy Jeff's shirt is right on the nose with the "nostalgia" bit! With his son on stage, Will wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to remind a younger generation how Papa Smith used to do in the 90’s! Smith & Son (and DJ Jazzy Jeff) decided to throw it all the way back to 1991 and perform their song "Summertime."

The song starts at 2:20, but the real magic happens at 3:27!

I feel mixed. He may no longer be the freshest of princes at the age of 45, but he's still way cooler than any of us could ever hope to be. And once he was freed of his burdensome shirt, we got a chance to gaze upon his crazy dad abs. What's that about? Life is confusing.

Ahh c'est la vie! You can take the Will Smith out of the 90's, but you can't take the 90's out of Will Smith! And why would you want to when we can look back fondly on memories like this?!

  "The Carlton" 2014
"The Carlton" 2014

  "The Carlton" 1996
"The Carlton" 1996


What do you guys think about Will's performance?


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