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The Horror Honeys

Has Hollywood gone meta? Sure, we've all wished for the death of a reality TV star - "The Situation" drowning in a vat of whey protein shakes, Paris Hilton attacked and killed by someone wielding her eyelash curler as a deadly that just me?

What is Hollywood all about anyway? Well, the LA Slasher thinks he has it all figured out, and he's here to show all of those starry-eyed "fame hound" hopefuls just what the true cost of fame actually is.

Ironically (or not) starring a slew of actors and actress who actually aren't famous for their talent - Brooke Hogan, I'm looking at you, I've seen Two Headed Shark Attack. And yes, before you check your meds, that is Andy Dick you hear as the voice of the L.A. Slasher himself.

While we're still waiting on an official release date for [L.A. Slasher](movie:1118682), a full trailer release is usually a good indicator that we'll be seeing something official from them very soon. A clip was released a few months ago featuring Danny Trejo and Dave Bautista - check it out HERE - which sets us up for some of the humor levels we can expect.

[L.A. Slasher](movie:1118682) made its film festival debut at the beginning of September, so I'll be hoping for a late fall release date, right around the time the newest reality shows start hitting TV screens around the country.

Will YOU be tuning in to this one?


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