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Today the BBC announced all the episode titles for Series 8 of Doctor Who.

So what has the Doctor got in store for us this time?

Episode 1: Deep Breath

This movie length season opener is written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley. At last we will discover what the Twelfth Doctor is like. Will he really be that dark? But never fear comedy Sontaran, Strax, will be there to lighten the mood!

Episode 2: Into The Dalek

How could you not have the new Doctor meet his salt-shaker-shaped nemesis? This episode is jointly written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat. Ford has been much missed by fans since his Nu-Who classic "The Waters of Mars" aired in 2009. The highly respected Ben Wheatley directs again.

Episode 3: Robot Of Sherwood

Welcome back to series regular Mark Gatiss who writes this episode! The title promises a sci-fi historical. What has the potential future showrunner dreamt up for us this time? The tale is directed by newcomer Paul Murphy.

Episode 4: Listen

We've all seen Capaldi squatting strangely on top of the Tardis in a recent trailer. He looks straight to camera and exclaims "Listen!" There could well be a connection to this adventure. It is written by Steven Moffat and directed by the experienced Douglas Mackinnon.

Episode 5: Time Heist

Some fans get a bit nervous when they hear the name Stephen Thompson. His scripts haven't always gone down too well among Whovians. Fingers crossed this time! The title certainly sounds dramatic and Steven Moffat as co-writer has most likely given the script a good polishing up. Again Douglas Mackinnon directs.

Episode 6: The Caretaker

This intriguingly titled tale is written by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat. Might it be set in Clara's school? Roberts' scripts always have a humourous element to them and are extremely rewatchable for pure entertainment value. The story is directed by newcomer to the show Paul Murphy.

Episode 7: Kill The Moon

Both writer Peter Harness and director Paul Wilmshurst are new to Doctor Who. Who knows what the tantalising title might mean?!

Episode 8: Mummy On The Orient Express

Moffat is making sure there is no mid-season drop off in interest with another 'teaser' of a title. We have new writing blood in the form of Jamie Mathieson. Paul Wilmshurst again directs. Will there be the inevitable "Are you my mummy?" joke in the script?

Episode 9: Flatline

Jamie Mathieson writes for the second week running. I hope nothing is wrong with either of the Doctor's tickers! The story is directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

Episode 10: In The Forest Of The Night

This beautifully titled tale is written by another newcomer to the show, Frank Cottrell Boyce. Director Sheree Folkson is new to Who too.

Episodes 11 & 12: Dark Water & Death In Heaven

The season finale is of course written - as tradition dictates - by "The Great Moff" Steven Moffat himself. It is directed by series newcomer Rachel Talalay.

Doctor Who kicks off its Season 8 on Saturday 23 August at 750 on BBC1 in the UK.

Finally the Capaldi era begins!

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