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Hello everyone, we are back with another giveaway!

This time we are going to give you a chance to win a very exclusive [As Above/So Below](movie:1284983) package! This horror film is based off of the famed Catacombs of Paris which is believed to lead to the Gates of Hell. Well, now I am very well sure that I will never go on this journey, and this movie confirms my decision as the right choice! Phew, dodged a bullet there... Demons, devils, bullets - all the same right?

Scary stills from 'As Above, So Below'
Scary stills from 'As Above, So Below'

Now that I've got your attention and I've got you wondering what we're giving away; let me tell you. We are going to toss a 'As Above/So Below' scary movie package like no other your way. Yep. That's right. Just for you!

You'll be getting:

  • (1) T-shirt
  • (1) Backpack
  • (1) Messenger Bag
  • (1) Signed poster
  • (1) Promo Code Card

Runner-up Prize

(1) T-shirt

(1) Signed poster

    If you'd like to win this package all we are looking for is the BEST comment and answer to one simple little question:

    "If you were on a trip to the Catacombs of Paris, what THREE things would you bring in your backpack?"

    The best and most creative answer to this question will win our prize package! Simple as that. Just one answer and you've got yourself a bag full of horror filled goodies.

    If you ever feel like writing about your favorite horror movies, reviewing your favorite films, or just plain want to write about how awesome movies are, join us as a contributor right here! We are always thrilled to see more of your ideas and love for all movie content.

    We'll be announcing the winner to the contest next week, August 29th! Good luck!


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