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Jeremy Wade

i know I'm late for this type of post and everyone is looking for batman vs superman film. this is just a idea that has been popping up in my mind for awhile now. so i figure i pitch it here. also take in account that this is a opinion as well. so here goes. OK batman hasn't been seen for 8yrs in Gotham. crime should have been more on the rise and the Gotham police would be under equipped to handle the rate it was going and of coarse there would be dirty cops as well. the death toll would be high. we would see bruce running his families company and going to a therapist because he still hasn't gotten over Rachel's death and about the weird dreams he has been having during the coarse of the 8yrs since he stopped being batman. the therapist he has been seeing could be doctor strange or the therapist from the animated batman cartoon series with Kevin Conroy. when he describe the dreams . It would start out by having him standing in a dark corridor walking towards a bricked up door. with cobwebs on the walls as he continue walking towards this bricked up door. he hears a faint pound on the other side as each year pass the pounding on the other side got louder and louder. he tells therapist hes scare to see what's on the other side due to that he is scared of what he see's( represent his batman persona clawing and pounding his way to the surface) this would show the state he's in to the audience and the build up will grow as well. it would show that he has been trying to keep his batman back during the coarse of the 8yrs and how it haunting his dreams and trying to come out . after he describe his dreams and describe the headaches he would have from to time. the therapist would ask maybe if face whatever is behind the bricked up door maybe the dreams will stop. now to introduce bane here's how i feel they could have done it. since crime in Gotham is all time high. it would have gotten higher when a new drug hit the streets of Gotham call v or venom. it would cause the users to become extremely violent , psychotic, and some paranoia. extreme users would have some face bone structure disfigurement, some skin discoloration , and blood shot eyes. some well place make up effects if done nicely and applied nicely could make it work. you would hear families homes being broken into and people found dead in alley's. a family of 5 found killed by the users of this drug and you would see the side effects of long time users which i described on how they would look. that's how i feel they could introduce bane. now the reasoning to have Bruce become batman again. Alfred goes to Lucius fox house for their monthly chess game. while their playing they Alfred talks about worried he is about Bruce and about the fact that Rachel's pass has changed him and he seems like a empty shell. after the their game of chess they shake hands and Alfred heads to the car. as he reach for the keys he hears trash cans being knocked down. he turns around and see 2 men standing there behind him. you don't see their faces because of the darkness covering them. as they walk towards Alfred you see their disfigured faces. Alfred picks up a glass bottle from the ground to fight them off. both men over power him and proceed to kick, punch, and stomp him. Lucius hears the sound from out side and runs to see what happening. he fires a gun in the air and at the men attacking Alfred. the men run away and Lucius runs to Alfred's side in the next scene you see Bruce in bed getting woken up by a phone by Gotham hospital. we see Bruce arriving at the hospital looking for Alfred and we Lucius along with Jim Gordan trying to prepare Bruce for what he's about to see. Bruce goes to Alfred's room and we see him with a swollen eye, broken arm, broken leg and has cracked ribs. He's also placed into a medical endues coma. Bruce is horrified of what he sees and filled with rage. Jim tells him that the 2 men Lucius described. The men are v users and it has been plaguing Gotham for sometime now. Bruce in a fit of rage yells at Jim then walks off. we see Bruce pacing back and fourth in front of his fire place . holding a glass of vodka having images of Alfred still in his mind . he looks up at the portrait of parents hanging over the fireplace. Bruce then throws the glass into the fire then out of nowhere he gets a painful headache that is so strong he blacks out from the pain. next we see him back in that dark corridor walking towards the bricked up door. he looks down and see a sledge hammer. he picks it up and start pounding away . pieces of brick flying everywhere each time he takes a swing. he drops the hammer on the ground, he see's a rusty iron door with cracked batman logo on it . he proceeds to open and see's nothing but black abyss. we see a confused look on his face. he proceeds to look deeper but finds nothing. he turns to walk away then we see black claws appear out of the darkness then clawed feet. Bruce turns and see's the creature come towards him. his 1st reaction is run but he doesn't. he just stands there watching this demonic creature come towards him. as each step it makes the the darkness from that room would follow filling the corridor as it approch Bruce it. looks at him and with out a word spoken.Bruce nod's his head in a sign of acceptance . the creature lets out a big roar turns into dark smoke and disappeared into Bruces mouth and ears. we see Bruce lying on the floor in front of his fire place. opening his eyes. next scene we a woman running down a alley screaming with 4 men chasing her and cornering her. threatening to kill her with knife in hand. all of a sudden you see one of the men get pulled into shadows. the other 3 men turn around in a state of confusion. they hear the pulled man screaming in pain and hear bones breaking as well. the pull out guns and start firing up the alley as the scared woman watch in terror. all 3 men empty clip in the shadows of the alley thinking the killed the figure in that shadows . batman drops down and start beating on the 3 men. throw one against the wall. broking one of the men arm and legs. leaving one man still left. the man drop to his knees with of terror on his face. he starts begging batman to not hurt him. trying to plead with him. batman punches him in the face . knocking him out then he comes to when he hears wake up. the man open his eyes and finds himself hanging upside down 1000 feet in the air with batman holding the rope . questioning him about the drug v and who's making it. threatening to drop the man to his death if he doesn't tell him. the terrified man screams to batman he doesn't know where the supplier is only that his name is bane. but there might be someone who might know where bane's factory is . this would introduce cat woman aka Selina. of coarse bane would be taking order from someone. that would black mask. the reason why is because in the 8yrs since batman been gone. Gotham is ripe for the taking, criminals would trying to seize power.Black mask would see this and start making plans on how to run Gotham and bring back organized crime by controlling the drug v on the street and have some police force on the take as well. i feel if they went with that direction then maybe the film wouldn't have so many mixed reviews. it would be darker and gritter plus a great way to end on a high note. also have cameos in it. but it just a idea and a opinion. hope you enjoyed the read


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