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One of the shows that I am most excited about in the upcoming fall season is the new series The Flash. For one thing, it is a sister show to my favorite slice of superhero TV, [Arrow](series:720988), and for another, the leaked pilot was just incredible.

Now we have some more details about the show from Grant Gustin, courtesy of an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

We already know that Felicity will be making a couple of appearances in the show, in episode four as well as in the mid-season crossover with Arrow, and it sounds like that will be an interesting love triangle for Barry Allen.

[Felicity] does complicate things for Barry. We left their relationship on a weird note [on Arrow], but she's also in a weird predicament with Oliver where she clearly loves him. Barry and Felicity clearly have a lot in common but I don't know that any of those relationships are going to work out.

We've seen some of Felicity's jealousy and disappointment in Arrow, especially after the accident when she heard about how much Iris was visiting him in hospital. However, we also know that Olicity will be happening in the new season of Arrow, so Felicity is going to have to choose. Despite the budding romance between her and Barry in the past, I think that it is fairly certain that she will choose Oliver over him. Episode four is definitely going to be a good one!

Felicity and Oliver will not be the only love triangle Barry is involved in, as he has another going on within his show, with Iris West.

Barry doesn't have many friends. Iris is definitely one of the only people who knows everything about Barry — well, she did up until the [particle accelerator] accident. After the accident, Barry really wants to tell her how he feels. When he sees that she's with Eddie, it makes it clearer to Barry how he feels because of how it makes him feel to see her with somebody else.

We all know that Iris and Barry end up together, but at least for now it looks like they won't be a couple in the show, as Gustin also said that Barry will not be attempting to muscle in on her relationship with Eddie.

He's not going to get in the middle of anything Iris has going and break her and Eddie up. He's going to watch from the outside for now and hold off on telling her.

I'll be excited to see how they develop this relationship, and I just know that I will be rooting for the two of them as much as I am for Oliver and Felicity.

Gustin also talked a little about the end of the pilot, where Harrison Wells is seen to be holding a paper from the future with an photo of the Flash in it.

We're going to slowly find out more about Harrison Wells and what the hell is going on there. What the coolest thing about that moment, to me, is they're setting up the fact that the Flashpoint story line [from the comics] could potentially happen — that Speed Force could be an aspect and time travel is potentially a part of the show.

This could potentially be absolutely amazing! Time travel is always tricky, but with the right storyline, it could make for some fantastically complex situations and bring an element of the fantastic to the show.

Can we also take a moment to reflect on Gustin's knowledge of the character? Actors don't always read up or research comic book characters before playing them (just listen to Jeremy Renner or Cobie Smulders, who have both admitted in interviews to not having read the books), but Gustin dove into the source material, and now seems able to really discuss possibilities from the books.

They were looking for somebody who encompassed the heart of Barry Allen and at first, I didn't realize I did. Now that I've explored the character, the comics, read the scripts and talked to [the producers], I understand why I got this role. It will probably forever be my favorite character that I'll ever get to play.

It sounds like he is really going to be an incredible Flash, and the seventh of October can't get here fast enough! (See what I did there?)


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