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Neca's latest action figure incarnation of Jason Voorhees (image above) will be landing on Toys R US shelves this week. There's been a previous version released that's solid plastic, and what's different about this version is that it has real clothes, like Neca's retro 8 inch figures. Sounds pretty sweet to me! These usually retail for around $25-$30 depending on where you find them, but I'm wondering if the addition of real clothes will cause a price jump? That bit of detail hasn't been addressed yet, so I guess we'll find out this week. Regardless of price, this guy comes with a removable glow in the dark mask, and three weapons accessories.

  Previously released version from SDCC 2013
Previously released version from SDCC 2013

I've always liked how their line of 8-bit figures look authentic to the old video games. It's not about the detail or paint job, these are all about the novelty and nostalgia. I was tempted to buy the Robocop one that's previously been released, but passed on it. However, if I happen to cross paths with this bad boy, he's probably getting bought (and not opened).

If you're new to the game, there's been a Freddy Krueger NES figure that you should check out and track down. There's also more coming out in the near future, like a 1989 Michael Keaton Batman, which I'm also likely to buy. Whether Neca's future products of this caliber will all be fully clothed from now on is up the air as of right now, but in my opinion, it doesn't hurt to have the real clothes. In fact, I think it looks pretty damn cool!



What do you think of this retro style mash-up of Jason Voorhees? Will you be buying it?


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