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This beautiful image is the source of a great deal of recent controversy - and I, for one, can't decide what I believe!

While flipping through my news feed today, this painting popped up, and aong with it, and article claiming that it was allegedly discovered at a Beijing flea market and is believed to be the work of influential Chinese artist Qi Baishi.

Baishi died in 1957, and if this is indeed his work, that would mean his "alien" was created well before Giger's painting Necronom IV was completed - the first real emergence of his xenomorph style.

  I know what I think that looks like...
I know what I think that looks like...

Biashi was noted for his delicate brushwork, but much of his work focuses on natural, everyday simplicity - flowers, insects, animals, and simple sea creatures.

  Yummy shrimp!
Yummy shrimp!

Now I'm no art expert, but with a side by side comparison, the signature stamp from the Xenomorph painting and the Shrimp, they look eerily similar.


Again, I don't know what to believe - until there's some official analysis or material dating done to compare the newly discovered work with a known painting, I'm reserving my own judgement. I'm also a MASSIVE Giger fan, and even if Giger WAS inspired by Qi Bashi, now that he has also passed away, does it really have any impact?

But what you DO think?


Did Giger borrow from Qi Bashi?

(Source: Kotaku)


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