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4. Final Destination

Now this series had some really enjoyable entries. The original was pretty creative in my opinion, having to solve the issue of who was going to die next, in what order, and how to stop it. However, after a while, seeing the same old storyline over and over, rehashed in a new coat of paint (new ways to gruesomely kill people) get's boring. I liked the original three, but 4 and 5 just felt like they were trying to push the franchise as far as it could go. perhaps with (SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT) the 5th films ending tying into the 1st movie, they can finally lay this film franchise to rest.

3. Silent Hill

This Film Franchise is based off of the video game series of the same name. Now this franchise only has two films and already I feel it needs to die. It's really no different from any other movie adaptation, lacking in every aspect. The story (especially of the second one) is very weak. Like I said in my post about this subject (which you can find right here: They failed to capture what everyone loved about the game franchise so much. Despite this however, they announced some time last year that the franchise is planning on having a third film produced..........

2. Scary Movie

This one is sort of pushing it, being more of a comedy, but its technically under horror so I'll put it in anyway. Scary Movie was at one time a great franchise that gave hilarious parody's of the biggest movies during the year. The formula hasn't really changed, but it definitely has been getting old. I still remember seeing scary movie 5 and say to my self, this is straight up garbage. To me, it just straight up wasn't funny. Ashley Tisdale was whack. The guy playing her boyfriend was whack. Lindsey Lohan was whack. Even Charlie Sheen was whack, which to me is remarkable seeing as he's such a funny comedian. In my opinion, you might as well just go see A Haunted House. It's a lot funnier

AND FINALLY NUMBER 1, Paranormal Activity

This movie has, in my book, OFFICIALLY run it's course. How this franchise went from being the best, to being the norm is beyond me. I mean from the very beginning, paramount has been forcing this movie to be a franchise, changing the ending so that it remained more open ended and allowed for a sequel to be made. Now a trilogy would've been fine with me. one sequel and one prequel seemed like the perfect way to end off the franchise. However, the 4th was clearly forced, and don't even get me started on Paranormal Activity Marked Ones.(Not that I hated the film or anything, but that honestly didn't have to be an installment in Paranormal Activity, they could've called it something else and that would've been perfectly fine) It just seems at that there's nothing left to do, or no where else to go with these movies and it should've been done with in the third one. Now they're claiming the series does have an end game, and that it needs a few more movies to complete the story. Now if that's true, and they do a better job with the scares than they did in the 4th movie, I might not mind. But as it stands, I'm not sure where they would go from here.

But that's just my opinion of course, what about you? Do you agree disagree? and if you do disagree, what film franchises do you feel should stop before they go to far. Let me now in the comments below!


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