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There I fucking said it. Kim Possible was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a child and still is to this day. In my opinion after the show it ended that was when Disney started to suck ass. Anyways I wanted to a live action fan cast. Keep this all opinion. So if you disagree please respectful.

Let's begin (I'm not casting everyone. Too much).

Emma Stone as Kim Possible.

Reason: She's a beautiful and talented actress who can pull off an independent but smart woman. It would be interesting to see her kick some ass.

Michael Cera as Ron Stoppable.

Reason: After watching Super Bad and Scott Piligram, I think he could pull it off.

Jim Carrey as Dr. Drakken.

Reason: Come on. He's Count Fucking Olaf. He's freaking hilarious and he would be absolutely perfect for the role of Drakken.

Alex Daddario as Shego.

Reason: I liked her in Percy Jackson (I never read the books) and it would be interesting to see her play an antagonist.

That's my cast. What's yours? I would love to hear.


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