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Kit Simpson Browne

We've all heard the news about Bad Boys 3, right?

Y'know, that it's totally happening.


But, of course you already knew that. You've probably loved the original since it came out in 1995 - or since you first watched it on VHS at your friend's house, while his mom thought you were doing homework (Sorry friend's mom).

So, to celebrate the return of Detective's Mike and Marcus, we thought we'd take a look at fifteen surefire ways to know that you - that's right, you - are Bad Boys for life. Or at least until they make Bad Boys 7, with an aging Jaden Smith.

First up:

This Was The Greatest Movie of the 90s:

Because, duh.

Followed Closely by This:

Because this -

Though They Both Had Tough Competition From The Best TV Show Ever Made:

R.I.P. James Avery.

And The Close Second:

Even if Martin is a big part of the reason Fox is now a successful network.

But Fresh Prince Wins Out Because of This:

Because otherwise, how would we ever know it's summer?

And For Will Giving Us Our 90's Soundtrack:

And a reason to go to Miami other than Spring Break.

Which We Kicked Back To In These:

Because how else were you going to dunk like MJ?

While Watching This On Loop:

Because there is no actual way to describe how awesome Space Jam is.

And Trying To Work Out How MJ Could Be This Awesome:


Until This Came Out The Year After:

And completely blew our minds (and allowances).

And 2000 Saw Us Laugh Our Asses Off:

Because Big Momma's House?

And let's be honest - Martin Lawrence in drag? Funny.

Before 2003 Brought Back The Awesome:

Bad Boys 2. Proof that people throwing cars at other cars are the coolest.

Even If It Left Out Our Ultimate 90s Movie Crush:

Making Tea Leoni's husband David Duchovny our ultimate nemesis in the process.

And The One Of The Greatest Villain of the 90s:

You can do all the awesome French movies you like, Tchéky Karyo, but you'll still always be Fouchet to us.

All Of Which Almost Makes Up For This:

Because not even Bad Boys can make Jaden Smith seem like an acceptable thing. Especially if he turns up in [Bad Boys 3](movie:373066).

So there's only one question left...

Are you Bad Boys for life?



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