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Here's a tale of nerd triumph, if ever I've heard one...

Okay, so the story is a couple of years old now, but - due to its awesomeness - it's been resurrected for social media and has quite rightfully re-spawned.

Anyway, while trespassing into wild moose territory in a forest close to his Norwegian home, 12-year-old Hans Jørgen Olsen and his sister came across (guess what?) a wild moose. The moose reportedly attempted to attack the siblings, but Hans saved them both by recalling a certain set of skills he'd picked up previously by playing World of Warcraft.

(The most surprising part of this story is that a World of Warcraft player was outdoors.)

As the animal attacked the brother and sister, Hans began to "taunt" the moose in order to get it away from his sister. In World of Warcraft, taunting a "non-player character" will make enemies focus their strikes on you rather than your lower leveled teammates.

As Hans' taunt appeared to be working, drawing the moose away from his sister, the 12-year-old hero pulled out another trick he'd learnt from World of Warcraft; play dead or as Warcraft gamers call it, "feign death". The moose then got bored of the siblings and just walked away from the two, or so the story goes. I want to know if when the kid stood up after the moose left - as he bathed in a golden, swirly light - a voice from the distance said "grats!"

Celebrations of 12-year-old Norwegian boys aside, I think we need to let people know that this is not guaranteed to work. Otherwise, a lot of foolish people are going to end up being eaten by a bear.


What's the biggest animal YOU could beat in a fight?

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