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The Homer Simpson hologram was one of the most memorable things about San Diego Comic-Con this year but now it seems like Homer Jay has landed The Simpsons and Fox in a spot trouble.

Alki David's Hologram USA, which created the patented system to project the 3D images on stage, have bizarrely filed a lawsuit against Fox for...projecting the 3D image on stage. Uhhh, what?

The company claims that Fox "did not obtain a license or any other authorization to use the Patented Technology for the Performance."

Hmm. I'm not exactly sure what Hologram USA expected a huge 3D image of Home Simpson to be used for if not to make stage appearances?! Fox responded by saying:

This filing is totally without merit and we have no comment except to say that once again, Mr. David has demonstrated his insatiable need to remain relevant.

Something tells me Fox has hit the nail on the head here, after all the same guy already has an ongoing lawsuit against the use of a Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Award.

I expect this one mighttt be laughed out of court.


Just in case you didn't catch the hilarious bit between Matt Groening and Homer at Comic-Con watch it below:



Do you think the lawsuit against Fox is stupid?

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