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End of Watch and Training Day director, David Ayer, has just released a brand new trailer for his upcoming World War II tank war movie, Fury.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to reveal much more in the way of new footage, but we do once again get to gawp at its gritty, cinematic and 'war-y' aesthetics. Check it out below:

The war-weary men battle the desperate enemy in Germany during the final days of WWII. As the team becomes dangerously short on resources, leader Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) and his crew are outnumbered and outgunned and the odds are against them in their attempt to bring down the heart of Nazi Germany...

[Fury](movie:866294), like so many World War II movies, took the decision to film principally with film and with practical effects - a decision which gives the movie this deep, gritty and epic feel. Personally, I feel like this is great way to elevate Fury into the higher echelons of the action movie genre, while it also reminds one of other great WWII movies such as Saving Private Ryan and A Bridge Too Far.

Of course, until we see the final product we won't know for sure if Fury deserves to be mentioned along with these war classics. Indeed, the story does seem more 'Hollywood-y' than most war movies, however you certainly can't claim is hasn't got the look right.

Fury storms into theaters on October 17th.


Could Fury be as good as Saving Private Ryan?

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