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Just like all major blockbuster series', there are certain things you expect from the Mission Impossible Franchise. The only difference? Some of its are really specific. After all...

There will be Tom Cruise:

There will be explosions:

There will be a severely and unnecessarily restrictive deadline:

And there will always - always - be Luther Stickell:

Because Ving Rhames.

Which made the lack of confirmation of an appearance from the actor in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5...troubling.

Because, let's be honest about this. There's only one reasonable response to a Ving Rhames-less Mission Impossible movie:

So, it's pretty darned fantastic news that the film's director, Christopher McQuarrie just tweeted:

Because, sure, we were pretty psyched to hear that Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner would be back for the next installment - and in all fairness, the odds of Tom Cruise not returning were pretty darned slim, so that was never really a concern for fans of the franchise.

Ving Rhames, though?

That's exactly the sort of old school, mid-90's character actor that the film needs - and that could so easily be mysteriously missed out. So it's seriously good news that he's back. And not simply because he's been in every installment thus far.

And not just because Ving Rhames could really use some modern cultural relevance beyond I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

No. Ving Rhames is absolutely necessary to the franchise, because he is Ving Rhames.

And Ving Rhames, lest we ever forget, is awesome:

Really awesome:

And that's something any franchise would be lucky to have...and damn foolish to lose...

[Mission: Impossible 5](movie:373501) is currently set for release Christmas Day, 2015. Unless, of course, someone eventually has second thoughts about debuting a week after Star Wars Episode VII.


What do you guys think? Glad Ving's back?

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