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Denzel Washington spent the month of July razing it up on a yacht while chugging down more booze than Lilo in a bourbon factory, but he's paying for it now.

According to TMZ the generally goody two-shoes actor rolled straight off of his gluttonous, booze fuelled pleasure boat into two weeks residential rehab to tend to his pummelled, weeping liver.

A source 'close' to Denzel claims that the actor was detoxing in Orange County after going full Amanda Bynes on more than just booze; Denzel was there for an overall cleanse 'toxins', which I am going to take as polite speak for 'mountains of cocaine'.

According to the source, the 59-year-old actor is now "out and back on his game."

Did anybody else have any idea Denzel was such a party animal? I always had him down as the sort of guy who spent his time mastering classical violin or learning how to bake artisan breads.

I guess a boat always has the power to bring out the debauched side of people...

We've all been there.


Were you surprised that Denzel Washington is such a party beast?

(Source: Dlisted via TMZ)


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