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Note, potential SPOILERS for upcoming DC movies below:

The Rock has been teasing us with this one for a while now - but it looks as though he's finally revealed the big news: He will be joining the newly formed DC Cinematic Universe.

The only question? Whether he'll be a hero or a villain.

Speaking to Spanish website La Nacion, The Rock (better known in his day-to-day life as Dwayne Johnson) revealed that not only will he be in an upcoming DC movie - but that the shortlist of who he'll play is getting pretty short.

(Bear in mind, the following is translated from the original Spanish - so is, as always, subject to mis-interpretation - or at least a studio coming out and claiming it to cover an indiscreet star's butt)

As in, two people kind of short:

"I understand I'll be a character in DC comics within the story of Shazam but I am not sure if my role is Shazam or Black Adam."

Which means? The Rock is on his way to the DC universe - but he may well be playing the bad guy.

Especially as he also hints in the interview that he's always been a fan of anti-heroes (which Shazam is very much not) - and touches on the fact that Black Adam was one of his two favorite characters (along with Green Lantern) when he was a kid.

The star also hinted that the focus of Justice League was very much going to be on Wonder Woman and Aquaman:

"Now (things are focused) on Batman and Superman. (Next is) Aquaman and Wonder Woman to come."

As well as that he's already very much on board, making sure to add that:

"I think that we will do it justice. I'm putting my heart and soul into this role."

All of which is great and all, but doesn't answer the one question we wanted answered:


Is it Shazam?

In which case, those anti-hero comments are either going to lead to a whole lot of disappointment for The Rock - or a whole lot of controversy in the comic-book world. After all, Shazam (the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel) is about as by the book a superhero as you'll ever get. After all, he's just a kid.

Admittedly, that kid is Billy Batson, who (when he utters the magic word Shazam) can transform into a ridiculously powerful Superman analogue - but all the same, he's not exactly Wolverine. Even in the slightly grittier recent comic-book reboot.

Change that up - and make Superman's goody-two-shoes equivalent into a badass anti-hero - and you're going to make a whole lot of enemies.

Alternatively, then:

Is it Black Adam?

In which case, those anti-hero comments are even more out there. After all, Black Adam is a distinctly villainous, ancient-Egyptian (or Khandaqian, depending on the origin story) nemesis of Shazam - and one without a whole lot of redeeming features.

Essentially, he's the dark side of Shazam's coin - a murderous, scheming opposite to the benevolent hero - who's been gifted with the same powers. Which makes him a tough sell as any kind of hero.

What's more - the only vaguely anti-heroic feature given to him by the comics - his fierce love for, and protection of, the country of Khandaq (as its Dictator) - is unlikely to come up in the upcoming DC movies, what with that whole long-running, horrifying Syrian civil war thing going on right as we speak.

Which means...what, exactly?

Well, you never know. Johnson might just be messing with us, and in fact he's not playing either part, and instead bringing a distinctly anti-heroic take on Green Lantern to the screen.

Which would be...awesome, actually.

The Rock would make a pretty epic John Stewart:

[Shazam](movie:738107) will be coming to our screens...sometime, presumably. But honestly, who knows?


Who do you guys want to see The Rock play in the DC Cinematic Universe?

via La Nacion


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