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Batman vs Superman is in midst of filming and rightfully a veil of secrecy surrounds it. But now and then we get snapshots and videos leaked by enthusiastic fans. The folks at Bananadoc have a bunch of cool shots from the set.

  Is that Tao Okamoto to his right?
Is that Tao Okamoto to his right?

They also have a bunch of close-up shots of Henry Cavill

  He looks pissed!
He looks pissed!

Two things a) He looks kinda pissed

b) Is it just me that feels his hairline has receded quite a bit?

Maybe Cavill lost a lot of hair due to the stress in wake of controversies that erupted since [Man of Steel](movie:15593)!

Again if that is Tao Okamoto in the above picture, then it leads credence to her playing Mercy Graves

Next photo could be a potential spoiler with regards to Scoot Mc Nairy's role so stop reading if you don't want any spoilers!

  The legs are green screened?
The legs are green screened?

The green screen around his legs raises interesting questions

Could he be Metallo?

Or he could just be a random civilian that lost his legs during the Superman-Zod tussle in Man of Steel?

Anyways I am curious to know what you guys feel? Do you think Henry Cavill's hairline has receded? And what role do you think Scoot Mc Nairy is playing in the movie?

Source: Bananadoc


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