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Half Life 3 is a game so long awaited that at this point some fans truly believe that it will never happen. Could it be that the game's creators, Valve, are happy to simply make their money from Steam, and will never release another instalment of the game which brought them their success?

Xbox One and PS4: Valve Ready For Next Gen?

It does seem extraordinary how long fans have had to wait for Half Life 3. It has been over 10 years now since Half Life 2 so impressed us, and introduced the Source engine which has been used to create to so many other games, from Counter Strike to DOTA and Left 4 Dead.

But could it be that now, with the next gen consoles the PS4 and the Xbox One coming out, that the technical requirements are ready for Half Life 3, the Source 2 engine - and a new generation of games along with it?

What made Half Life 2 so extraordinary was not just the game itself, but the way it raised the bar in terms of what was possible in a video game at all.

The Source Engine showed us an almost fully interactive environment, and it is worth bearing in mind just how incredible the physics seemed 10 years ago, leading to new gaming possibilities:

A New Source Engine, A New Half Life?

It seems plausible then, that the key ingredient for a Half Life 3 which would stand up to it's predecessor will be its engine - the long awaited Source 2. The good news for fans is, Source 2 might be already here!

Fans have uncovered filenames and screenshots from DOTA 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 which seem to confirm a new source engine has been soft launched by Valve, with the game being completely rebuilt for the new engine. Take a look at the plantation Left 4 Dead screenshot here:

Left 4 Dead: Redesigned for Source 2?
Left 4 Dead: Redesigned for Source 2?

Half Life 3: In Outer Space?

Over the 10 years, there have been many leaks and snippets of what looks very much like Half Life 3 concept art, which suggest that Valve do have a game in works.

One of the more interesting speculations, however, is that this game will see it's famous Gordon Freeman travel into outer space, a claim back up by this concept art, reportedly taken from inside Valve HQ:

Are these spaceships in Half Life 3?
Are these spaceships in Half Life 3?

Of course, these spaceships are not necessarily from Half Life 3, and could belong to another Valve game. But for fans that have been waiting for a long time for *anything* from this studio, that would be a pretty big deal, too.

So what do you think? Do Valve have Half Life 3 in the works? Is Source 2 coming? And, with the release of the next-gen consoles the PS4 and Xbox One, are we close to seeing a big announcement from Valve?

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