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As per previous reports it is confirmed that Detroit is standing in for both Metropolis and Gotham. Maybe they will shoot during daytime for scenes involving Metropolis and during night for Gotham to highlight the contrast.

But today some interesting news dropped regarding the future shooting locale for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. Moroccan based director Nassim Abassi tweeted this -

For people who don't know

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior and large portions of desert. In short, it boasts of an exotic scenery.

3 1/2 months time frame is significant because initially it was anticipated that Wonder Woman will make a very minor/cameo appearance in Batman vs Superman. But with DC introducing The Trinity at Comic-Con along with a photo of her in full battle regalia, it is safe to assume that Wonder Woman is going to be a major player in this film.

  Asilah beach in Morocco
Asilah beach in Morocco

  Themyscira Island
Themyscira Island

As we can see from the above images Morocco can be a damn good stand in for Themyscira. Much better than CGI ing the whole thing for sure!

Here are some further hints that Batman Vs Superman is headed to Themyscira

See the set behind the image? That is neither Gotham nor Metropolis. Of course they aren't yet shooting in Morocco but rather on a indoor set.

Again the background seems similar.

Maybe we get to see Superman and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) fight after all. Heck yeah! Between the boy-scout, goofball reporter Clark and the bad ass warrior Diana, my money is on Diana wiping the floor with Clark !

Source: Supermanhomepage

What do you guys feel? Do you think Themyscira could be featured prominently in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. Put in your thoughts down below!


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