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While there haven't been many rumors about Green Lantern getting another solo movie lately, I still believe that it can be done right. And let's face it, after the 2011 disaster, it's not surprise that DC have been distancing their selves from the character as much as possible in other media.

But let's be honest, if a talking tree can have a succesful movie, then so can Green Lantern.

So this post is basically what DC can do to make the reboot for Green Lantern awesome.

Let's go.

Don't Spend To Much Time On The Origin

I think that one of the things that brought the old movie down was the fact that it spent too much time trying to establish the character, tell the origin story, and explain it, that there was little time for much else in the movie.

So I say, don't spend too much time on the origin story, and just jump straight into an established Green Lantern, who has already had the ring for some time.

If the movie wants to, they can do what The Incredible Hulk did, and quickly montage through the origin story in the beginning, showing the audience what they need to know.

Show his father dying, him testing planes, crashing, getting the ring, going to Oa, being trained, him meeting other Green Lanterns, him battling some minor villains, him training again, show us the title, and BOOM. Let's get on with the movie.

This would be a much more efficient way of 'telling' the origin story, and would save us a ton of time, from telling us stuff that we already know.


Would you like the origin story to be 'skipped?'

Use Sinestro - And Have Him Already Be Evil

Some people may disagree with this one, but please hear me out.

Let's face it - the villain in the first Green Lantern movie was boring. He didn't seem threatening. He barely had character. His motivation was weak, and he generally wasn't the best villain for the movie. That, and he was handled poorly.

But if the DCCU makes Hal an already established Green Lantern, and he has been for, say, a year or two, then Sinestro must have been evil by now.

Maybe one of the opening scenes could be Hal visiting the Guardians after being alerted, and the GL corps discussing Sinestro's sudden disapearence, or something.

Sinestro is by far the best GL villain, and I believe that the most interesting villains are those who have (or had) some sort of connect to the hero. You'll know this, but Sinestro helped to train Hal.


Should Sinestro Be The Villain, and Already Be Evil?

Don't Spend Too Much Time On Earth

Again, some people may disagree with this one, but I'll try to win you over.

I think that one of the best things about DC is their use of locations. Each character's comics take place on a particular place, and are all different from the others.

There is so much potential with the GL movie. It could really take place anywhere. DC have great locations in their comics, and I'd like to see that played into the movies. Show us Coast City, sure, but show us Oa, show us the aliens, show us all the other locations in the GL universe.

Because while, yes, there are some superhero movies that take place on other planets, the only one that really spends much time in space is Guardians of the Galaxy. (I think. I still haven't seen it.)

The Green Lantern movie could show us what we haven't seen in a superhero movie before - a detailed space, with rules, aliens, and everything else.


Should the GL Movie Spend More Time In Space, than On Earth?

Don't Be Afraid To Show Us Aliens

  Kilowog Hot Toy
Kilowog Hot Toy

This kind of ties into the previous point, so if you disagree with that one, you may disagree with this one.

Another cool aspect of the GL universe is the aliens that are introduced, particularly those a part of the Green Lantern Corps. You'll notice that in the animated movies, and series, there is quite a bit of time spent learning about the aliens of the GL Corps, and how being a GL for them is different for a human.

While the story line should, and probably will focus on Hal, it would be cool to see other aliens, and perhaps even a team up with, say, Kilowog.


Would You Like To See Aliens in the Green Lantern Reboot?

So that is pretty much what I'd hope for the Green Lantern movie / reboot to be like. You may like it. You may hate it. I don't know.


How Do You Feel About The Points Made In This Article?

Aaand that brings us the the end of another article.

Reminder that this article is based on the idea of a Hal Jordan Green Lantern movie. If it was John Stewart, Guy Gardner, or Kyle Rayner, then I'd probably have different ideas.

What would you like the Green Lantern reboot to be like? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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