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In one of the bigger bombshells to come out of the plethora of set photos from the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) set, two photos of Scoot McNairy may have just confirmed his role in the upcoming film! Check out the photo below - then scroll down for an update with more positive evidence that we have our Flash:

  Let's be real here.
Let's be real here.

For context: These leg covers are essentially portable green screens -- meaning that something will be edited in (or out) below McNairy's knees. One might assume that this particular thing is a speed blur.

The question, then, is which Flash he'll be playing. CW's [The Flash](movie:15273)starring Grant Gustin, is an origin story focused around Barry Allen. With that said, will McNairy be portraying the next Flash in line -- Wally West? This writer certainly hopes so. Wally's snark will bring a much needed balance to what's shaping up to be a very serious superhero team. Given that he's a pretty sharp dressed man, I'd wager that the possibility of McNairy being the wealthy lottery winning playboy-turned-superhero is pretty strong.

The other possibility is that McNairy is playing Metallo, one of the rumored villains alongside the confirmed Lex Luthor. The leg covers still make sense given his powers, and a Metallo storyline would make sense with the direction Superman seems to be taking.

What's more, if this particular Flash makes it to the movieverse, does this mean we're also not going to see Stephen Amell as our Green Arrow (and will Green Arrow make it to the DCCU at all)? Time will tell.

UPDATE: According to Badass Digest, The Flash WILL appear in Dawn of Justice.

I don't know - that seems like a weird reason to have CGI socks. But I can say that my sources have told me The Flash shows up in this film, and that by the end of the movie we have a Justice League assembled that includes
Wonder Woman
The Flash
According to my sources we will not see a Green Lantern in the picture until Justice League.

Crazy. 'Til we know more, make with the polls:


Which Flash would you like to see in the DCCU?


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