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Directly from the Director of Nightwing: The Series, Adam Zielinski as well as from the starring actor Danny Shepherd, comes two MoviePilot exclusive posters that tease something any DC fan should be excited to see. The fan-funded online show is quickly approaching it's major release, and nobody is as excited as I am, especially after seeing these two posters! Check them out:

For those unfamiliar with the comics, Barbara Gordon is Batgirl! Recently I had the opportunity to interview Zielinski on the show, and even brushed against how much we would see of Batman and Gotham if at all.

There's definitely some characters from Dick's past in it to give the audience context from a world a lot of people, not just the comic book fans connect with, but it's not overly reliant on it. Most of it is in Bludhaven.

I also asked about love interests in the story, which didn't seem all that interesting at the time, but now speaks a million words as the first major female character is introduced to the show's fans. When asked about story conflicts such as villains and love interests, Zielinski shared:

Deathstroke is the villain for this series, but Nightwing runs into some old friends is all I'll say, and one of them would definitely be considered his love interest. Hence all the kissing you're seeing in the teaser.

Is the red logo for Batgirl or for Batman? I have reasons to believe that it's not Batman OR Batgirl's logo! In fact, this logo matches none other than the Bat Family member Red Hood's logo! So we'll be seeing Jason Todd, the villain of the same short film that started the project off! Except, Todd hasn't always been a villain. What will his role be? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

The first official full-length trailer for Nightwing: The Series will air tomorrow, so make sure to check back to MoviePilot for a very promising view into the season, including the official announcement of the online premiere date!


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