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Above, you can see the first official look at Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, which as you can see has actor Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, likely before he first dons the Ant-Man suit. Let's break down the image a bit. Lang is highly clothed with gloves and a dark bag, with what appear to be stitches over his eye, the weather is grim and misty, and the model of his car is not exactly the modern sleekness we see in other Marvel films like Iron Man.

Scott Lang in the comics is a good guy. He just has some rather tragic history to him. Having been an ex-convict, Scott Lang is unable to find work anywhere (which explains why he can only afford an older car), and any money he does acquire goes towards paying for his daughter Cassie, who has an awful heart condition. So, to make ends meet, Lang turns to stealing in order to pay for the treatment Cassie needs as well as sustain a living. The injury to his eyebrow definitely make him seem all the more like this bad boy persona.

Scott Lang could easily be Marvel's equivalent to their superhero badboy, which is very unique since so far we've only seen party-driven billionaires, moral-based military types, science-obsessed charity goody-twoshoes, Russian and U.S. assassins, and alien who thinks of himself as a God. The hood and gloves definitely leave us feeling like he's ready to steal something, while the bag screams "I'm filled with crowbars and things used to pick locks!".

Finally, one must look at the film in a metaphorical sense. Facial expressions, weather, location. The grim, foggy, mysterious weather could be like a shroud: the future is dark and uncertain. His facial expression shows concern, possibly for the future, and bridges in literature often represent a change of one stage of life to the next.

In my conclusion, the image is screaming so much more meaning at us than we ever thought possible! If the entire film can convey messages such as this, the film is definitely going to appeal to fans much more than anyone could've guessed. Doesn't look so much like the comedy film everyone was expecting. That's probably a good thing.

Ant-Man hits theaters next summer after Avengers 2 on July 17th, 2015.


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