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So if you're like me, you probably watch Syfy's Haven. I've been watching this show since it's pilot and excited for the new season approaching fast.

So I'm going to do a semi-quick recap for fans, for new comers, and for those curious about this show. Oh and I'll try my best to make it spoiler's free for those that haven't caught up that far in the series or haven't seen it yet!

Let's start where it all began, in a town called Haven...

  Opening Credits Title
Opening Credits Title

The show revolves around three distinct characters, but in season one it's main focus was on Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and the "troubles". She came to Haven on assignment from the FBI. Little did she know what she was getting herself into the moment she literally drove into town, and I mean when she was driving her car stuff actually started happening!

  Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) / Pilot Episode
Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) / Pilot Episode

While on the job she met Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour).

Nathan is a local detective of the town, while Duke works on a boat and well doesn't play by the rules let alone hates cops. So as you can see things are certainly "peachy" in Haven, minus all the secrets held around town about the "troubles" and more than gets revealed each season. And for starters, Nathan has a trouble, he can't feel pain. Audrey learned that on accident when she slammed his hand in the door of his own truck!

As time goes on, more odd things happen. Troubles of things like people suddenly acting like Mental Patients or the ability to affect the weather. Each one of these was connected to a person in town, but the mystery was finding out who it was and how they can learn to control it.

The sheriff/captain of the town is Nathan's dad, Garland Wuornos (Nicholas Campbell), who knew of ALL the troubles and helped keep them at bay. Yet no matter how hard he tried, the troubles were back and ready for some serious action in Haven.

Now the two that meddled the most, but had the most secrets about the town is Vince Teagues (Richard Donat) & Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth), ironically both brothers and in charge of the local newspaper.

Coincidence? I think not! They are always right there when the troubles were happening. They however would write an article on the trouble and cover it up. Didn't want to worry the towns folks about it.

By the end of the first season, Audrey was a pro at deal with the troubles, but there was a catch: Her and Nathan. Chemistry was there, the question was WHEN are these two getting together.

By season 4 they were together, finally! Yet with William in the way, things got very complicated for the characters.

We also got to meet a character who was introduced in season two and became a reoccurring person on the show, Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland WWE Wrestling). This character has a trouble too, bullets have a nasty way of literally following him! It will curve and aim right for him.

Anyway, season two and three revealed more about Audrey's past. From back stories to the Colorado Kid and why Audrey was connected to this story. She traveled, put her nose where it didn't belong, and bugged Dave & Vince for more answers.

The troubles started getting more intense and the things that Nathan, Duke, and Audrey had to so was very much X-Files like in terms of science fiction stepping up the game for story lines.

  This feels very Tarantino with this GIF
This feels very Tarantino with this GIF

At some point things started getting pieced together and the biggest mystery of all was her finding out she was all these women! Go figure that out of all the strange stuff that happens in this town, Audrey had to have the craziest storyline of all! The more interesting of the story was this barn. She had to go into the barn for the troubles to stop. And the man that sent her to Haven from the FBI office, was in charge of making sure she stayed in the barn. The kicker was they got her into the barn, but Duke somehow gets sucked in... talk about a cliffhanger!

Last season was a game changer. From the cliffhanger to guest appearance turned season character, William (Colin Ferguson, Syfy's Eureka), Audrey's world was turned upside down!

When we last left her and the gang, she finally remembered her first life as Mara. Her and William created The Troubles. This ensured the town to always be cursed. The final moment was when Audrey was gone and Mara mentally returned. He goal was to get William back after he was pushed into their world which was a portal that opened inside the lighthouse.

i'm excited for this season and the events that are going to unfold for the fans. Voice your opinion below in the comment section and tell myself and the viewers why you are excited for season five!


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