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Marvel has finally decided to add another very important superhero and Avenger to their cinematic universe in the form of Mockingbird, who has been officially casted and will be played by Adrianne Palicki on the hit TV series Agents of SHIELD. Palicki's name has appeared before among fans who've been interested in finding the perfect cast member for female superheroes such as Wonder Woman (before Gal Gadot's casting) and Ms. Marvel.

Bobbi Morse, the identity behind Mockingbird, is a long-time character in the story of Hawkeye, specifically being heavily involved in infiltrating Cross Technological Enterprises. Believe it or not, this casting announcement comes alongside the start of filming for Ant-Man which features Darren Cross as the major antagonist and villain: Darren also being the founder and owner of Cross Tech.

Could the coinciding casting be a result of Mockingbird being a character in the Ant-Man movie as well? Believe it or not, back in June I wrote about how I felt Mockingbird & Hawkeye would make excellent supporting characters in Ant-Man the same way Black Widow was for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After all, Hawkeye is the only superhero from the first Avengers movie not to have been featured in a solo movie since the film came out!

Would you like to see Mockingbird in Ant-Man or other Marvel movies in the future?



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