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Vin Diesel is a whirlwind of personality and love for life. We love his love because it has absolutely no bounds. He is always the first in line to meet a fan, greet a silly request, and happily interact with his constantly growing fan base.

Since he's always willing to lavish us with attention, we figured it's his turn to hear how great he is! So, what makes this tough guy actor so great? I've got some perfect examples.

1.) He's not afraid to rock the mic the only way Vin Diesel can:

His karaoke skills are crazy legit.

Oh, Vin. Don't worry that pretty little bald head of yours. I'd never leave you.

2.) He looks good in ANY footwear just because he's Vin Diesel:

I mean, c'mon, I couldn't pull those off after all!

3.) He gets naked, wet and naked:

And then totally posts it to the internet for the entire world to freely ogle his goodies.

4.) Vin Diesel is the most athletic nerd of them all:

He's been a very active fan and player of Dungeons and Dragons for over twenty years now. He's such a true and loyal fan that he even wrote the introduction forward for 'Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons' a D&D retrospective novel.

5.) Only Vin Diesel Can Out-Dance Vin Diesel:

He's always been able to cut a rug into fine shards of awesomeness.

Yeah, let me see YOU do that.

6.) Vin Diesel's kindness is always on display, and photoshop:

He is always posting inspirational memes to his Facebook to keep his fan's everyday going strong. Which I think is not only hilarious but very endearing.

He's a truly kind-spirited and warm man, what's not to love?! As if you needed any further reasons to dedicate your life to watching Vin Diesel do a whole lot of lovely fun things, you can now watch him complete the ALS freezing ice bucket challenge and call out none other than Russia's testy big gun Vladimir Putin.


What's your favorite thing Vin Diesel has done?


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