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Depending on your age, you may or may not remember the 1997 movie The Devil's Advocate, the Keanu Reeves-Al Pacino teamup in which the latter achieved Maximum Pacino™.

  Told you.
Told you.

Seriously. Tell me you wouldn't wet yourself if you woke up one night to see Al Pacino surrounded by fire and screaming at you in incandescent Pacino-rage.

But as Deadline reports, there is more satanic goodness coming our way, as NBC has ordered a pilot script to be written by Matt Venne and produced by John Wells and Arnold Kopelson.

The series will reportedly follow the story of the original movie, in which young lawyer Kevin Lomax (a pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves) sells his soul to the Devil (Al Pacino), who goes by the facepalmingly obvious moniker of John Milton, in order to further his career. Obviously, this does not work out so well for the young lawyer, who was apparently made to read neither Young Goodman Brown nor Faust in high school. Rookie mistake, Kev.

The movie went on to make a solid $153 million at the box office, proving America really, really loves to see Keanu Reeves underdogging his way out of impossible situations.

But since it's been 17 years since the movie, it made me wonder how the cast has changed from then to now... Come. Walk with me, people of the internet, as we take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Al Pacino - John Milton (but really Satan)

1997 Al Pacino

2014 Al Pacino

Conclusion: Al Pacino is prolonging his life span by slowly absorbing the essences of Sean Penn and Alice Cooper.


Keanu Reeves - Kevin Lomax (aka Rookie Mistake)

1997 Keanu Reeves

2014 Keanu Reeves

Conclusion: Keanu Reeves is clearly a Time Lord. Look, we already know this to be true. The internet never lies. The sooner we all accept our eternally young overlord, the better it will be for all of us.


Charlize Theron - Mary Ann Lomax (the hot wife)

1997 Charlize Theron

2014 Charlize Theron

Conclusion: Everyone in this movie actually did sell their souls to Satan in exchange for immortality and eternal youth because are you even kidding me with this?

Bonus: The original trailer for The Devil's Advocate:

Maybe if we watch the new series, it will slowly reverse our aging process? Always worth a try. If you need me, I'll be rubbing pictures of Charlize on my face and hoping some of her vampire wizardry rubs off on me as I sob silently to myself.


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