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Sam Stanley

I have a question for everyone who is excited for star wars. If you are a true fan of the Wars then you have undoubtedly played The Battlefront series and of course were addicted to them at one point. Well with all of this news about the books not being canon I ask you this, do you think the video games are canon? Why or Why not?

I believe that the video games should be considered canon as they featured actual scenes and characters from the movies. I grew up watching Star Wars with my brother and I enjoyed every last minute of the movies. I also grew up playing the video games over and over and over again and I would love to see a couple of the planets in the new star wars movie.

Now seeing as the video games didn't actually involve any kind of story line besides the 501st in Battlefront 2, I see where it's hard to imagine the games being canon or not. But just think of the planets and maps that could be implemented into the upcoming movies. Rhen Var was one of my favorite maps when I play Battlefront, but now they could add actual scenes on Yavin 4, or maybe Bespin. Really anything is possible, I for one would like to see at least some of the concepts from the video games implemented into the movies.


What do you think Canon or no?


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