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In my experience, professional wrestlers make the best interviews of anyone in Hollywood. A lot of people take this for granted, but a good half of their job is public speaking. Sure they’re physical, but they also have to have keen improv skills to set up the stories and rile up the crowds in between matches. It’s always proven true with everyone from The Rock and Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin and Kane.

Dylan Postl is the latest WWE Superstar to make the leap to the movie screen. WWE Studios has rebooted the Leprechaun franchise of horror movies, and their choice Hornswoggle performer Dylan Postl. Unrecognizable under the leprechaun makeup, Postl terrorizes an all new group of victims to make the leprechaun scary again.

I met Postl in San Diego when he was at Comic-Con to present Leprechaun: Origins to the fans. We had a great talk about his career achievements both in the ring and on screen, and becoming a horror fan through this movie. Leprechaun: Origins is in theaters August 22 and VOD August 26.

Dylan "Hornswaggle" Postl in real life
Dylan "Hornswaggle" Postl in real life

When you wanted to make the leap from wrestling to acting, was Leprechaun your dream role?

It is now. I never saw myself doing films, ever. I never thought I would make it in professional wrestling. A guy of my stature, my size shouldn’t have made it in professional wrestling. I live my dream. Since I was six, that’s all I wanted to do and I did it. Never in a million years would I think, “Dylan, you’re going to be in a movie.” And I am. It’s incredible that it all worked out. It’s such a realm that I wasn’t really into, the horror realm, but I am now through this film and because of this film. So it really got me into the horror realm.

Do you have to do an Irish accent?

No. Thank God, I don’t. I am awful at Irish accents. When I got hired by WWE, at first they wanted me to do one. I tried it and I think it was so bad that they said, “No, you’re not going to have one.” When I first got hired, I didn’t talk for three years, and I think that’s why. I’m horrible at accents. Spoiler alert, I don’t have a line in this film.

So he’s a silent Leprechaun?

I wouldn’t say silent.

But not like the previous series where Warwick Davis spoke.

Yeah, man. There’s no limericks, there’s no poetry, there’s none of that cheesy ha-ha stuff. Cheesy is a horrible word but it’s so different than any of the past films. The only thing similar is the name. That’s the only similarity we share.

I understand it’s a reboot and an origin story, but could this be the same leprechaun, just a different new version of whatever his name is?

We called him Chippy. That’s what we called him. He doesn’t have a name. He’s just called The Leprechaun. I don’t know, man. I think it’s just the origins of Leprechaun in general. In Ireland, they’re myth. I don’t know if it’s of that character.

My hope would be, in success, that this leprechaun could meet the other leprechaun and there could be two leprechauns.

That’s going to be on Wrestlemania XXXI if you ask me. But I don’t know. It’d be interesting to see, but like I said, it’s so different. The two characters are so completely different that it makes this movie stand out. It’s going to stand out, guaranteed.

Is Chippy really such a bad, evil leprechaun?


But he’s just protecting his gold.

No, no, he’s not. The leprechaun is quite evil and sadistic and nuts, and has quite the killer instinct. Obviously, I’m not a killer in real life so trying to get into that mode, I wouldn’t say it was tough but it was different. It was a challenge but it was a fun challenge.

Did they have to work around your wrestling storyline to get you away for a month to shoot the film?

No, at that time I wasn’t as high on the totem pole as I once was, so they gave me five weeks off. I’m glad I didn’t go back and forth, because that would’ve been brutal. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it and I wouldn’t have wanted to do either. All of my focus went into this film for sure. In doing so, I really got to just focus on making the film, focus on pulling everything out of this character that I could.

This ain't your daddy's Leprechaun
This ain't your daddy's Leprechaun

How different was creating a movie character from creating a wrestling persona?

I don’t know. For film, I think it’s harder because you’re not getting that instant gratification that you would in WWE. Punch a guy in the face in WWE, people are going to cheer. Here, you punch a guy in the face, eight seconds later, “Cut, all right, let’s go again.” Okay, was that good? Was that bad? What do I need to change? You don’t know if it was good, so it’s very different. I think filmmaking is a lot harder than WWE at times.

You guys put on quite a show live though.

Yeah, I tell everyone whether you’re a fan or not, you will leave a fan. If it’s your first show, you will leave a fan. We’re the only form of entertainment that can literally touch you. You go to a Tom Hanks movie, no matter how good it is, you can’t shake his hand after the movie. You can’t get a picture with him after the movie. With us, you can. We’ll shake your hands, we’ll slap your hands, we’ll throw you our shirt, whatever. Tom Hanks isn’t going to do that. It’s such a cool form of entertainment.

So if people like the movie, they’re going to have to come see you live.

Yeah, or see me at Comic-Con. Either way. I hope to do more of these as well. These are fun for me. I love interacting with fans.

In the ring you can go out as yourself. How involved was the makeup for Leprechaun: Origins?

Two and a half hours twice a day. Two and a half hours in, hour to get out, lunch. Two and a half hours in, hour out. By day three I was cussing, just sick of it. I don’t know why I was having a bad day. I was just having a bad day. I was so mad at everything, but now seeing the final product, I would’ve sat there for five hours. It is so good. The creature turned out so awesome, the prosthetics and the makeup. It was amazing.

What did you think the first time you saw yourself in the full makeup?

I thought, “This is all worth it.” That’s what makes it worth it. Seeing the final product, it’s like an artist portrait. An artist can work on a portrait for days, months, years. See the final portrait and it’s all worth it then, at that point.

Have you had a horror movie education now that you've done one?

Man, I was always into the Saw films. I really want to start getting into the Final Destinations. I don’t know why they intrigue me, but they look like they’re going to be all right so I want to get into those. I don’t know if they’re horror necessarily but I gotta find some to get into. I’m intrigued.

Final Destination is a great series, and the Saw movies are great too.

Saw films are great. Just the thought of some of the kills and traps are awesome. It’s similar to some of the stuff we did in Leprechaun. Some of the kills are pretty well thought out by Zach [Lipovsky].

What are this Leprechaun’s powers?

He doesn’t necessarily have powers. He’s just sadistic. He’s a killer. He’s gonna do anything, kill for what he wants.

What else do we learn about the Leprechaun and his Origins?

I guess we kind of find out what he’s after and why he’s after what he is. So I guess it starts to really put the idea in people’s minds of why he really is killing who he is.

Is this all happening in Ireland?

The main focus is in Ireland, in a little small town in Ireland.

Have you ever been to Ireland just on a WWE show?

Yeah, we’ve done tours over there quite a bit so it’s nice.

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