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Most of the time, I report the movie news, or give you my opinion, but every now and again I just need to show you things I have found that make my nerdy little heart happy! In that spirit, introducing....the Justice League of...Russia, I guess!

These were actually found for me in a market in Columbia (of all places), but as soon as I saw that teeny tiny Aquaman, I just knew that there had to be more, and that I needed to find them and share them with you.

Also called Matryoshka, these are Russian nesting dolls, where each one splits in half, and the smaller fit into the larger. This particular set is (obviously) DC-based, but I was surprised to see how many geeky variants there are out there.

A much more detailed set that mixes DC and Marvel makes me wonder if the creator is actually a fan...but it's great to see Wonder Woman, and the artwork itself is awesome! By One Red Shoe.

Next up, these adorable Marvel dolls, bringing Iron Man and the Cap together with SpiderMan and Wolverine, the way that it should be. These (and many more nerdy nesting dolls) can be found at VeleCruce's Etsy store.

For a much more modern look, we've got some sleek and simple Batman nesting dolls. I love the look, but am less pleased that they are all the same. Still, you have to love Katya Malakhova's modern take on the popular souvenir.

The may not be classic comic book characters, but can you think of a better super-family to suit the size differences? These Incredibles dolls live up to their name. Previously available on Neato, you may have to seek these out on eBay now.

Of course, you don't even have to stick with superheroes! You can find hand-painted nesting dolls for almost anything with a fandom. My two favorites so far? These incredible Star Wars dolls, and these adorable Dr Who dolls. Including a TARDIS!

Oh dear. I feel that I may need to add another collectibles shelf to the wall just for these guys. The life of a geek is tough, isn't it!

Do you have any nerdy Matryoshka? Comment and let me know!


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