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Writing an opinionated article that people can (and maybe will) read for the first time has left me a bit more nervous than anticipated. While I wander around my house ranting for hours on end, putting my thoughts into an articulate order on screen has left my brain a little more blank than usual.

So I will start with something I have strong feelings about nearly ever time. When books and written stories that are fantastic on the page are announced as coming to the little or big screen.

Some adaptations are without a doubt fantastic and well received from existing fans, while some leave the fans feeling robbed of the chance to see their favorite characters be brought to life in a successful way.

When Lord of the Rings was set to be released Tolkien fans were nervous and excited at the thought of middle earth coming to life in three dimensions and they were not left unfulfilled. The only visual reference I had before was the 1978 Ralph Bakshi cartoon, and sitting in the theater watching Peter Jackson's masterpiece I was blown away. Yes things had to be cut and rearranged for the story to translate to screen but the over all Tolkieness of those movies stayed. Watching them fans knew this was a movie made by a person who was just as much a fan as the people paying to see it.

Another well done adaptation would be GoT. This time around fans could enjoy the stories for much longer. The effects and script in this series is fantastic but I think most of the credit has to go to the cast, make up and wardrobe in this instance as they really come together to make those characters become real.

There have been many fantastic page to screen things going on in the past few years, the marvel universe came to life along with DC making great new tv shows and revamping Superman making him cool to new audiences and old (he never stopped being cool to me the guy is a flying crime stopping alien!). There is a but coming.

Now, I have a huge capacity for allowing the stories to be modified but even my open mindedness has a line. That line has unfortunately been crossed a couple times in the last few years.The first was the hobbit movies, while I cant deny they are visually stunning and entertaining they have lost the heart that Jackson put into the trilogy. I didn't mind changes in Rings so much because I understood the books were so detailed and massive that if they stayed completely true to the book they would end up 8 hours long each. So much was cut out to make these movies work, whereas so much unnecessary things were heaped into the hobbit to turn it into a trilogy. I watch the movies and feel like they were drawn out just to make more money and it feels like a betrayal to the original material and the years fans spent waiting for this story to hit the screen.

After strange mixed feelings in December, it was then onto January of this year with the premier of Bitten. Now I am a HUGE fan of The Otherworld series of books they are fantastic to read and have fantastic characters, to say I was excited would be like saying people at comic con just like comic books. It was like Christmas, birthdays and summer all rolled into one.

The best thing about these books is the gritty dark humor that runs through the entire series. The female lead characters are clever, sassy and have no problem ripping the baddies apart. With the supernatural being all the rage with the kids nowadays it was only a matter of time before someone wanted to turn book into show.

I watched the first four episodes, then swore I wouldn't tarnish the memory of the book by making my brain suffer through more. That's not to say it was a horrible show, if I hadn't read the books I would have enjoyed it much more. Werewolves are on the same level of cool in my head as Batman so a show about them would have been on my must watch list.

It took a while to pinpoint what exactly wound me up so much about this show apart from the sever departure from the source material. Bitten isn't a complicated story and it would be nigh impossible for anything in the book not to translate well onto screen. The cast all look vaguely like the descriptions but that's where it ends, they changed back stories, relationship dynamics and the overall feel of the show just was not nearly dark enough. There were no little nods towards the fans planted like Harley Quinn's voice as an easter egg in Arrow. The whole show just lacked the wit and attitude that Kelley Armstrong gifted the books with.

I wonder how other people feel about their favorite books/comics being made for tv or into movies? Has anyone been left feeling very let down or have they been filled with joy while watching?

These are just my feelings about these few things and I understand that there will be some people that disagree with me completely and thats why I bring it up. I love hearing that people still find joy in things that have maybe let others down.


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